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Laboratory Osma, is since 1957,one of the actors of the male cosmetic.

The recent focus on men’s attraction for cosmetics, does not lead to forget us that they have, for a long time, known how to take care of their body.

The almost daily passage at the barbershop, baths, hands care were an integral part of the everyday life of the gentlemen of any time.

Shaving : much lore than you thinkrasage -pereetfils shaving - fatherandson

It is around the shaving, movement transmitted from father to son, that Laboratory Osma, knew how to weave over the years a particular link with their customers.

Hardly of this confidence, we defend our home-made knowledge to bring the best of our products in everyday life

Nous proposons également un coffret idéal pour l’initiation au rasage à l’ancienne mais également une idée cadeau original.

Professionnels et particuliers découvrez nos produits, fabriqués en France en respectant des méthodes de fabrication inspirés des meilleurs savoir faire artisanaux.

Laboratoires Osma

Last French alum stones manufacturer, but also creators of care products, Laboratory Osma proposes a range of cosmetics male of quality.
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Worried about new needs for today’s men, Laboratories Osma, draw from an ancestral knowledge to offer men’s’ care always adapted to the everyday life.

It is the research for natural ingredients in the recognized profits that directs us in the creation of our care products.
For a simple and natural beauty.

Shaving products, facial skincare, bodycare, daily hygiene, it is around these needs that articulates the
range of products of Laboratories Osma.

Marked with a craft(home-made) knowledge unique(only) and worried of bringing practical solutions to the men(people) of today, Laboratories OSMA, offer you through this range of authentic products for a maximum efficiency.